Welcome to the Cobalt RaQ

This page is a place holder for the home page of your own web site.

Congratulations on Choosing a Cobalt RaQ - the premier server appliance platform for web hosting.

Your new RaQ delivers a full suite of Internet services with remote administration capabilities all packaged in a single rack unit height, industry standard enclosure.

The RaQ 4 includes integrated ASP, Frontpage Server Extensions, CGI scripting and SSI support for the ultimate web hosting and development environment.

Important Information

This page can easily be replaced with your own page. To replace this page, transfer your new content to the directory /home/sites/home/web  

Web content may be edited using a Frontpage client, by FTP file transfer, or by editing web files directly through Telnet access. Frontpage and Telnet access must be enabled prior to use.

RaQ Server Management

This RaQ supports browser-based administration at the following URL: http://<your.host.domain>/admin/. You may want to bookmark this page for future use. 

Virtual Site Management

Once the server administrator has set up a new site (i.e. a virtual site), the site administrator can administer that site through the URL http://<your.virtual.domain>/siteadmin/ 

Personal Account Management

Users with accounts on the server can access and modify their personal profile information (e.g., password, automatic email response, email forwarding) through the URL http://<your.host.domain>/personal/ 

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